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Children of the Peddler

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The timed beat of the rower’s drum was heard for a quarter of an hour before the barge came into view. The ship she towed was a mess of downed lines torn sheets and fouled rigging. Talleyman hid quayside among the barrels and crates until the ship in tow was left deserted then he darted on board, followed with curses by the usual suspects.

As the group of miscreants descended into to belly of the crushed merchantman they came into the main cargo bay quite quickly.

As peddlers’ they were all well versed in the art of being invisible an were accomplished plunderers of any and all things not nailed down.

In the ship’s hold the youngsters found more signs of the continuing carnage. A dead crewman, and two dead orcs had battled among the crates and barrels, all three laid where they fell.

In the crates and barrels the boys found something more precious than gold.


As orphans of the whores of El Lay the lot of them had grown up as urchins of the street, lean and hungry.

There were barrels full of rolled pepper sausage others full of jerked beast.

As they descended upon the stores there were footsteps and voices from the deck above as orders were given responded to and followed.

The rower’s drum began to pound its tattoo. The ship began to move away from the quay of El Lay.

Trapped below deck several things were thrown overboard. Then Skynnr jumped overboard to get away. He was caught up in the sail, so he cut himself free. And found himself caught up by a trailing line which wrapped around his ankle and drug him along behind the ship, half drowning. The captain Race spied him and pulled him back aboard.

The ship was towed to a secluded lagoon. Dragonne Lagoon to the ship outfitter there would replace the broken mast.

A quay came into view and 2 boys standing there ran to one of the several buildings peppering this area of the lagoon, returning in tow of a hulking blond haired man in his prime. Race the ship outfitter.

As the boys secured the ship to the quay by heavy lines. Then one, the oldest fetched a torch. Along the shore line was a squat stone tower some 15 feet tall, with a large hammered metal urn set atop it and a ladder along one side. Returning with the torch he looked to the man Skelly, his da, who gave him a curt nod. He then climbed the ladder an set torch to the urn setting atop the tower. It caught in an instant burning blue and orange in the setting of the day.

Skelly called out to captain Race to come ashore to talk of the repairs. " The woman is setting the end day on the table now, bring yer monkey and we’ll talk of the repairs."

By now the tow boat its drum beat retreating into the distance had left the lagoon. The captain called out to the boys locked in below that he and young skynnr would be back, then he left.




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